Crowd Computing

Crowd computing is fairly new term that describes the new (mostly web based) tools that enable idea sharing and the full use of the knowledge contained in collective minds. A wiki is one example of a crowd computing tool. It allows any of the invited users to add information, remove incorrect or outdated information, and to freely edit the pages. They are becoming a popular tool for group projects

We will use our wiki as a place to share the resources, examples, and ways to use the 20 "things" in an educational setting. Together, we will have more and better ideas than any one of us, alone, would have. The completed wiki will be a place where we can go to look at these ideas again in the future.

Our wiki will consist of a different page for each tool and spaces for you to add your ideas. Please look at the table below or ask me if you have any questions on what you should put on the wiki.

Project Ideas

Places to go for more information about Wikis
Web based Wiki tools
Great Wikis someone else made
How could you use a Wiki?

What Is a Wiki (and How to Use One for Your Projects)
Wikis in Plain English

Have your class work together to create a textbook, resource manual, or review sheet for a unit

New Tools : Joyce Valenza started this wiki to list great Web 2.0 tools.
Group students with students from other sections or schools to work on a project together.
Wild about Wikis
WetPaint: a relatively new tool
Wikijunior : non-fiction books for children from birth to age 12
Use a wiki as a place to continue discussing items from department or staff meetings.